What are the benefits of gymnastics?


It’s Fun! 

Your child doesn’t yet know that exercise can be hard and/or boring.  Moving, running, exploring and learning are all just natural to him.  We want to keep that thought foremost in his mind.  By having different shapes of mats (hills, tunnels, octagons) and scaled down real gymnastic equipment (low balance beams, pre-school swing bar, baby trampoline), we can provide your child with real gymnastic learning and barrels of fun.


It’s a Learning Experience!

Research has proven over and over again how exercise, musical interpretation, and fun can aid in reading readiness and increased spatial reasoning (the ability to detect pattern among objects, which is critical in math and science.)


It increases the development of various motor & sensory areas such as:

    * hand-eye coordination             * spatial awareness

    * ocular pursuit (tracking)           * directionality and laterality

    * foot eye coordination              * balance

    * agility and poise


It’s the basis for all sports!

Gymnastics consists of many physical education and fitness aspects which every boy and girl could benefit from later in life for all sports.  Gymnastics is one sport that hits almost all areas of fitness:  flexibility, strength, muscular & cardiovascular endurance. Many of those qualities can be acquired from gymnastics and can be started as early as two years old to prepare them for sports.



How do I register my child for classes?


Download and print out a  registration form by clicking the "Registration Form" link.  Mail or bring the completed form with your $35 registration fee (or a family registration fee of $45) to SMG. Class availability is limited, so register early!


It's my first day of class. What can I expect?


Arrival: Parents and children who arrive at the gym early are to remain in the waiting area until the instructor signals the beginning of class.  Children are not to run around and cannot be on the equipment.  An adult must stay with the child until the start of class and an adult must come into the gym for pick-up at the end of class.  Parents should accompany young children to the bathroom before class.  No one but the students enrolled in the class will be allowed to be in the “gymnastics area”.  

Parents and guests are always welcome to observe.  However, please do not call out or talk to your child during class. We have a separate, enclosed waiting area with observation windows for your comfort.



Dismissal: Students will be lined up or seated in the gym.  Pre-school parents will be summoned to pick them up in the gym.  Children whose parents are late will need to stay seated in the gym and will not be allowed in the waiting area.  Since we need to supervise students if parents are late AND teach class also, the child will need to sit next to the Instructor or Assistant until their parent picks them up.  Behavior problems may result in dismissal from class.   We cannot allow students to wait for their ride in the parking lot.  An adult must walk in to the gym to pick them up!  There will be a $5 baby-sitting charge per 10 minute increments for late pick-up.


What should my child wear?


Girls should wear a leotard. Bike shorts (spandex) may also be worn. Boys may wear shorts and a t-shirt. Long hair must be pulled back. Jewelry and gum are not permitted.


What if my child has to miss a class?

Please notify us as soon as possible if your child must miss a class. There are no refunds or credits for missed or dropped classes.  In order to keep the established instructor/student ratios we cannot allow participants to show up at any other time than their registered time. We will schedule a “make-up open gym” minimum of once per quarter.  One complimentary Open Gym pass is allowed per quarter. Open Gyms must be done by the expiration date of the gym pass or it will be forfeited.  You must have a gym pass in order to attend the make-up open gym.  Student must be currently enrolled to do a "make up open gym". Missed Open Gyms may not be rescheduled.  JO students are not eligible for make-ups.  We do not refund or pro-rate tuition for missed classes.  Other gym events (clinics, parent night outs, camps, etc) cannot be used as make-up date. 


If your child has any contagious symptoms, such as a cold (cough, runny nose), fever, chicken pox, lice, etc. DO NOT BRING THEM TO CLASS.  You can ALWAYS schedule a make-up.  If your child isn’t feeling well they should not be over-exerting themselves, and they will not benefit by attending class.      



What if school is canceled? What about holidays?

If we need to cancel classes due to weather it will be announced on the local radio station (WTVB AM 1590 & WLKI FM 100.3) by 2:30pm.    


No classes will be held on most legal holidays.  Please review your parent handbook that will be given to you upon sign-up for school-year calendar of closings. 

There are no make-ups for holidays that the gym is closed or for weather closings unless there are less than 3 classes that month, in that event we would schedule a special open gym make-up time for that recreational class.

When is tuition due?

Tuition will be paid monthly and is due on the 25th of each month for the following month.  There are no refunds, credits or pro-rating (except or new students registering mid-month).  A $5 late fee is added after the 1st of the month.  School Year Gymnastics Program begins in August and ends in June (see current Fall Class schedule).  Accounts that are paid automatically with a bank checking or savings account will receive a $5 discount per month! 

Tuition is a flat rate monthly tuition based on an average of four classes per month. If five classes are available, we do not increase tuition. If three classes are available, we do not pro-rate tuition.  Average of 4 classes per month but it will vary between 3-5 classes per month.   


When is the recital? What do I need for this?

Our recital is our year end show and a fun time is had by all!  The first half will be primarily be preschool students followed by an intermission.  The second show will have all the school-age students and Junior Olympic gymnasts as well as pre-team.  We hold the SMG recital at the Coldwater High due to the large amount of spectators that attend.

Recital date will be announced.  Your child will need his/her class leotard or uniform. Each class will perform a choreographed routine. More information will be provided later in the year.


How is my child's progress monitered?

The Star Award Program is an incentive program to provide the gymnasts with rewards and recognition for their skill progression.  The Star Program also provides a means for gymnasts to advance from level to level, and enables our coaches to know the needs of each student. When students enroll the coach will have a Star “Poster” that each student will work on during classes.  Stars will be awarded after class approximately every 4 weeks. 


Gymnasts love the challenge of learning skills and receiving recognition.   We award all the “Star Award Posters” in an awards ceremony at the end of the year during their regular class.


What are private lessons? How do I schedule one?

Private lessons are available from individual instructors.  We also work with student’s preparing for other sports, such as; volleyball, basketball, cheer- leading, track &  pageant routines.  We work on improving the student’s strength, conditioning, endurance, flexibility & on specific sports-related exercises.


Private lessons are available from instructors on an appointment basis.  Please call to set times.  Lessons are $30 / half hour and must be paid for in advance.  Semi-privates are $23 per ½ hour for each student.


Do you hold birthday parties or field trips?

YES! We do the work - you have the fun!  


Our parties include:  Invitations AND thank you cards, an obstacle course with our mini-mountain and air-ramp, tumble-trak, cooperative games & parachute games.  Pick up a brochure today, or download one under off of our website at the bottom of the home page.


Bring your class, youth group, home school group, or just a bunch of friends on a field trip!  You can spend one hour on our equipment and an age-determined obstacle course.  Call for more information and to schedule your next field trip!


What other special events do you host?


SMG offers many activities and special events throughout the year. These include Friend Day, Halloween Spooknight, Parent Participation Day, Clinics, “Fun” Meets, Year-end Program and Summer Camps. We also offer birthday parties, open gym time, and private lessons.