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How to Enroll

To Enroll you will first want to select the appropriate class from Class Schedule (by clicking on CLASS SCHEDULE).  Once you know which class you wish to enroll in, you would click on PARENT PORTAL on our website home page.  From there you would create an account, you can follow the steps below to enroll and to enroll in Auto Pay if you need additional assistance.  

Once you complete your registration you will receive an email confirmation and our Parent Handbook.  

Forget your class name or start date?  Log into your Parent Portal account and click on MORE then click on CALENDAR to view the next date for your class (which also shows your class name and time).  If you need to check to see if we are open on a holiday date - click on calendar &/or check your Parent Handbook which shows dates the gym is closed for holidays, Christmas & Spring Break.  You can always access the Parent Handbook in your account by clicking on MORE then select Documents & Files.  Need to update a phone #, email, address or add a contact - you can do that in your account under ACCOUNT then Account Settings. 


Auto Pay will not go into effect until the next month session, you will need to make payment for current month when you initially register for classes, either with a credit card or bank account.  The following session it will come out using Auto Pay - which is always on the 25th of each month in advance.  There is a 30 day drop notice.  Tuition for the school year is calculated for the entire year then divided into 11 equal payments.  The first tuition payment is due July 25th and the last payment for the season is May 25th.  

When you enroll in Auto Pay with a bank account your account auto pay will be pending for 1-4 business days.  You will be sent two small deposit amounts and you will need to log into your account and enter those two deposit amounts in order to complete your auto pay enrollment.  

If you have questions or need further assistance, please email us at

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