This program will help your child improve their motor skill development (skipping, hopping, swinging, etc) but they also will be introduced to social awareness skills (listening, sharing, following rules, and taking turns).

Students are introduced to general physical fitness skills (throwing, hand eye coordination, catching) as well as basic gymnastics skill development (climbing, rolling, hand support skills, balancing) 

This is all performed in a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment! 

Ages 2-4

Me & My Shadow

Tuesday 4:00-4:30

Girls & Boys

Parent Participation: Yes

This is a parent participation class to introduce you and your child to the world of gymnastics. Mom/Dad will be side by side with their child as they go through their weekly lesson plans. 

Pre-Requisite: None

Ages 3-4


Monday 6:10-6:50


Tuesday 4:30-5:10

Girls & Boys

Parent Participation: None

Your child will learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics but also improve on their locomotor and coordination skills (hopping, skipping, jumping, and running). Students will also work on  important preschool social skills (sharing, listening, and following directions).

Pre-Requisite: None

Ages 4-5


Tuesday 5:10-5:50

Your child will work on the proper mechanics of handstands, rolling forward, and beginner cartwheels, as well as the basic fundamentals on the trampoline, inflatable slide, inflatable bounce house, bars, and balance beam. 

Girls & Boys

Parent Participation: None

Pre-Requisite: None

Ages 5-6


Tuesday 6:30-7:10

Girls & Boys

Parent Participation: None

This class will enhance, improve upon, and perfect gymnastics skills and concepts learned from previous level classes.

Pre-Requisite: None

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Ages 3-6

Dance Combo



This is an introduction to both dance and gymnastics for children ages 3-6. While using music & hand-eye coordination students begin to learn basic dance steps as well as gymnastics skills.

They focus on spatial awareness, socialization, perceptual skills, balance and coordination builders.