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6-15 year old 

gymnastics classes

SMG is a happy place where kids can have a healthy way to release stress and energy.

Flexibility, agility, coordination and motor skill exercises are integrated into the class curriculum providing students with strong development base for any sport they may choose to pursue in the future.

These classes are perfect for families looking for fun fitness activities that will also progress their gymnastics skills. 

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 Gymnasts are constantly in motion and participating in  exercises designed to excel their focus, coordination, and gymnastics skills while enjoying a positive and fun atmosphere!

This curriculum is designed to ensure proper gymnastics progressions for success and safety. 


Classes entail beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Gymnasts will work on four Olympic events: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor as well as Tumble Trak. 

Gymnasts will be placed in classes based on age, experience, and skill level. 


Example Skills: Cartwheels, Round-offs, Headstands, Handstands, Forward & Backward Rolls, Backbends & Bridge Kickovers, Pullovers, Casts, Sequence Jumps on Trampoline, and more... 


Students should already have their cartwheel and round-off and are working on backbend and back limber.  Example Skills: Running Round-off, Back handspring skills and drills, Back Walkover, 1 Arm Cartwheel, Chin Up Pull Over, Back Hip Circle, and more... 


Prerequisites: Students need to have be able to do a backbend and back limber to enroll in this class OR permission from a SMG coach in order to sign up for this class.  If this is your child's first time at SMG and you feel as if your child has the necessary skills to attend this level, new students can be evaluated for placement. 

Example Skills: Round-off Back Handspring, Standing Back Handspring, Back Tuck Drills, Cartwheels on Beam, Handstand on Beam, Stride Circles, and more... 


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