Make Up Day at

Southern Michigan Gymnastics

If your child has missed a day of class then be sure to sign up for one of our


LAST (FREE) Make-up Day for the season:  May 17  5:30

Please see the front desk for times. 

To reserve your spot you must SIGN UP AT THE FRONT DESK. No walk ins allowed. 

** ONLY pre school parents are allowed in the gym with their children. 

***Make-ups are for when a child misses a day of class. They must be taken while the child is enrolled. Once a child withdraws from the program, all make-ups are cancelled. Dates that the gym is closed (see parent handbook) do not qualify for a make-up. This is not a structured class, our staff runs an organized stretch, followed by open gym time where the gymnasts can work on the apparatus of their choice. Our staff is present to supervise.