Choose Your Age Group 

Each class will contain several 5 minute videos each week that include: 

cardio, stretching, tumbling basics, activities, and more! 

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Ages 1-5 

This program will help your child

  • improve their motor skill development 

  • increase balance, flexibility, and coordination skills

  • introduce proper mechanics of handstands, rolling forward, beginner cartwheels, and much more!


Ages 6-18

These classes include: 

  • higher level basic gymnastics skills

  • advanced strength & flexibility exercises

  •  endurance training



 AGES 1-5 

These classes will introduce

  • key fundamental tumbling skills

  • strength & flexibility exercises

  • plyometrics

  • at home obstacle courses 


AGES 6-18

Ninja classes includes:

  • higher level tumbling skills

  • advanced strength & flexibility exercises

  • advanced plyometrics 

  • at home obstacle courses